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Sydney Buses Scania K310UB Custom CB80 3030 Mardi Gras
It's that time of year again! Thanks to our friend Nidhi Sharma in Sydney we have a picture of this year's Sydney Buses Mardi Gras decorated bus. Maybe coincidentally it is the same Custom CB80 bodied Scani K310UB as last year, 3030 (3030ST), unimaginatively the livery is the same too, though the wording has changed. The bus is not thought to have been mothballed for the year! On the offside the coloured bands go the full length and the bus has been joined by a Sydney Tram in the same scheme which is more impressive as the new CAF untils are effectively six cars long, being made of of two bi-articulated tram cars. Note the flags fluttering from the wing mirrors and the teddy bear on the dash. The 2020 Mardi Gras was probably the last major public event before lockdowns kicked in. With a big Chinese population and regular flights from Wuhan Australia closed its borders ahead of advice from the World Health Organisation and in consequence has effectively eliminated the virus from the country. The only problem is with Australians returning from overseas and the virus escaping from hotel quarantine, paricularly in Victoria where the state goverment has bungled the quarantine system not once, but twice. The second time after the state Premier, Daniel Andrews, boasted of having a gold standard, world beating system, which resulted in the state's third lockdown, though this one was only five days, the second lasted over four months. So restrictions on gatherings in public places are still a feature of the health response aross the country and this year's Mardi Gras parade is banished from Sydney's streets to the Sydney Cricket Ground with a ticketed audience. Because of a low entry to the grounds, the customary floats will not be a feature. Apparently though there will be a lot of biodegradeable glitter this year.
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