Sold Adelaide Metro buses

Sold Adelaide Metro buses
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Hawkesfords Pleasure Volvo B58 PMCSA 95
Acquired from Adelaide Metro (Torrens Transit) in 2006 where it was 1372, is Hawkesford's Pleasure Beach subsidiary's 95 (MO7677), a 1981 vintage Volvo B58H with PMCSA 73 seat body, ideal for use, as here, on a rail contract. Number 95 was disposed of in 2011 to Sid Fogg's as their B1. It is seen with Baxter and Hopkinsons vehicles at Wynyard.
Nowra Volvo B58A PMCSA 2404MO
Former 1370 and 2314, another PMCSA Volvo B58A, is seen in late November 2014 in Nowra. Acquired by Nowra Coaches for school bus work it is their 2404MO.
Picture ref A6374
Nowra Volvo B58A PMCSA 2407MO
On the same day former 930 and 1354 is seen nose in at the Nowra depot. It had been withdrawn for about two weeks for parts and is seen with several recently withdrawn unidentified Leyland Tigers. The Adelaide 1354 on the roof helped to identify the B58 even thought its 2407MO plate had been removed.
Picture ref A6377
Rawsons Elite Appliances STA MAN SL202 PMCA SB67EX
Rawsons Elite Appliances in Adelaide acquired PMCA bodied MAN SL202 1897 (WJP692) as a mobile showroom. It is seen in Glenelg in March 2014.
Picture ref A1969
Priors Mitsubishi Rosa
Priors in Bateman Bay acquired a pair of Adelaide Mitsubishi Rosas in 2009: 5197MO and 5202MO. Which of these is seen parked at the depot in November 2014 is unknown as are the Adelaide identities of the pair.
Picture ref A6403
Sold Adelaide Metro buses
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