TheBus, Hawaii
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Hawaii depot GMC Fishbowl buses
In 1989 this yard was found on the North side of Oahu island and was home to several recently withdrawn GMC Fishbowl buses from the Oahu Transit fleet.
TheBus Waikiki
Another 1989 shot in which this unidentified bus was caught in the corner of a picture of Waikiki Beach. It sports what was then the new TheBus livery.
TheBus Gillig Phantom 924
The previous livery can be seen on this Gillig Phantom, also seen in the summer of 89 at Waikiki. This pictures shows the special registration system used for Oahu Transit: 924 is registered BUS924, the entire BUS series being reserved for the Transit fleet.
TheBus Crown-Ikarus articulated
The final picture from 1989 shows 47 (BUS47) on layover near Waikiki Beach. It is from a batch of Ikarus artics which found service with several US and Canadian operators in the eighties. The US agent based in LA was Crown, who customised the buses to meet US legislation requirements.
TheBus, Hawaii
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