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Parfitt's Motor Services
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Parfitt's Motor Services was a coach company based at Rhymney Bridge in the South Wales valleys. In 1986 it got involved in running bus services, joining in the bus wars which claimed several operators, not least National Welsh which clearly over stretched itself. Rhondda Buses emerged from that collapse, a company with backing from Julian Peddle, Western Travel, Badgerline and Tellings Golen Miller. Rhondda Buses acquired Parfitt's in the mid nineties. Western Travel had by then been acquired by Stagecoach and in 1997 Stagecoach Red & White bought Rhondda from the other consortium partners. Parfitt's famously operated a number of former London Transport Leyland Nationals, many passing on to Chase in Staffordshire.
Parfitts Leyland Leopard East Lancs HHB183K
Former Merthyr Tydfil East Lancs bodied Leyland Leopard 183 (HHB183K) joined the Parfitt's fleet and is seen in Merthyr at the height of the Valley bus wars post deregulation.
London Transport Leyland National LS366
Seen in the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum at Lathalmond on their August 2014 Open Weekend is former LS366 (BYW366V). This bus left London for Parfitt's in 1992 and on to
Chase in 1995. In 2007 it was bought by RML Travel of Burslem in Staffordshire, rapidly passing briefly to nearby Vals Classic Coaches and by July that year had crossed the border for use as a party bus by Chaplins Disco of Edinburgh. By 2013 it was with McGregor of Dunfermline for spares but turned up at the Museum that year.
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Parfitt's Leyland Nationals
Ex London National LS427 (BYW427V) is seen in Merthyr Bus Station squeezing between another National and a Duple Dominant bodied Leyland Tiger. The bus passed to Rhondda but was rapidly moved on to North Western, fleet number 207.
Shires Leyland National 2 3037
Shires 3037 (GUW457W) is a former London Transport Leyland National 2, LS457, acquired shortly after Luton & District was acquired by British Bus. To help modernise its fleet, Julian Peddle was called in to advise the company at the time and it is believed he was instrumental in the acquisition of several vehicles, Nationals coming from the recently acquired Parfitts and former National Welsh Olympians. National 3037 is seen in Dunstable Square.
Shires Leyland National 2 3043
Shires 3043 (GUW475W), former London LS475, is seen in Wycombe Bus Station with another Leyland National 2 ex London, transferred to Wycombe Bus from the Go-Ahead's London fleets.
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Parfitt's Motor Services
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