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West Oxfordshire Community Transport Iveco NX07GVX
Community Transport services are in the news at the moment after a recent announcemnt has put many in a difficult position and needing to comply with full bus service regulations. This coincides with an increased demand to cover gaps in service coverage as councils widthdraw funding from subsidised services. Nowhere is this more acute than in Oxfordshire where the council has cut all subsidies. This West Oxfordshire Community Transport Iveco, NX07GVX, is seen operating a timetabled service in Witney last Wednesday. The current situation is in sharp contrast to the days of the profligate John Prescott who gave councils extra funding for rural services. Bereft of ideas on what to spend their windfall on, Oxfordshire attempted to reintroduce services withdrawn decades before in the hope that the passenger base might still be there. Jeremy Corbyn's spending plans, besides renationalising bus companies also includes money for rural services. Maybe Oxfordshire will dust down those plan again.
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