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The website is normally updated weekly. This page lists the latest updates from January 2002. The most recent updates are listed first - you can check out what's new since your last visit.

To see the catalogue of weekly updates to the website in the Year 2000, click here
To see the catalogue of weekly updates to the website in the Year 2001, click here
To see the catalogue of weekly updates to the website in the Year 2002, click here

Special notice about SHOWBUS PROGRAMMES.
We have now collected some of the programmes from Duxford and they are available for purchase. You can order one now by sending a cheque payable to SHOWBUS for 2 or enclose 2 in postage stamps.
Please send your orders to Showbus, 6 Fair Ridge, HIGH WYCOMBE HP11 1PL

Coming soon
Further news about EFE SHOWBUS International 2004.
EFE's January releases.
New mini galleries for Southdown and Western National. New galleries for GVU of Utrecht, Bebbs and Carousel Buses.
Updated photo gallery pages for Southern Vectis, London & Country, First PMT, East Kent, Southend, Warrington, Open top, blue, gold, Greenline & Central roof box RTs, RTL, RTW and Lutonian.
A look back at further pictures of EFE releases from 1995.
EFE RF Model Focus update and East Kent, Western National, London RT, Manchester and Southern Vectis Fleet Focus updates.

Coming 5th January
New gallery for Western Welsh and updated pictures for Derby Transport.
19th December
EFE SHOWBUS International 2004 will feature a Routemaster Gold Run from Trumpington Park & Ride to Duxford to celebrate 50 years of Routemasters.
Routemasters will be posed with Concorde at the Museum.
Optare announce sponsorship of SHOWBUS 2004 with three prizes for Optare vehicles and a special Optare display.
New mini gallery for Westbus of Sydney, Australia.
Updated photos of Beuk of Holland and our thanks to Herr E Moeliker for many of the new pictures.
14th December
New gallery for Islwyn Borough Transport.
Updated pictures of Solent Blue Line.
EFE December model releases.
EFE future models update.
7th December
The final makeover of our on-line UK Bus Timetable Directory. Please let us know if you find any errors or omissions.
New gallery for Westbus, London.
Updated photo gallery pages for Arriva Northumbria.
30th November
New pictures of the Stagecoach in South Wales fleet in new corporate livery.
Revised and updated two part London T class Titan gallery separating London buses from the more colourful sold-on provincial ones.
23rd November
EFE future releases update.
New gallery for Stagecoach Red & White and updated Red & White gallery.
"Buses on the Net" for December on line.
16th November
EFE new releases for November.
Timetable directory update for Yorkshire & Lincolnshire.
New gallery for Keighley & District photographed by Pete Brown.
Updated photos for London STLs.
9th November
New gallery for 1001 of Rio de Janeiro.
Updated pictures for Alexander (Northern).
Timetable directory update for Wales.
Check out the latest entries on our Noticeboard.
2nd November
A change from the published update as we have unexpected pictures of First's London Citaros. This has given new First in London galleries for Bendibuses, Singledeckers, the Golden Jubilee and Doubledeckers and an update to the Tramlink and First Capital galleries.
Timetable directory update for Northern Ireland.
26th October
New gallery for AC Transit (Alameda County) in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Updates for our Midland Red pictures of BMMO vehicles before the company was split.
Mid & West Scotland timetable directory update, one of the most comprehensive listings so far.
Details of some of EFE's upcoming releases.
19th October
The last of our SHOWBUS photos from the 2003 event.
Update and new look to our on-line timetable directory for the South of England.
12th October
More SHOWBUS photos.
Don't miss our previously unannounced colourful Provincial Routemasters gallery
5th October
Special notice about SHOWBUS PROGRAMMES. We apologise for the non-arrival of the programmes at Duxford last weekend. They very unhelpfully turned up at Duxford on Monday morning, labelled for delivery by noon on Friday! The courier company involved clearly responsible for the disaster. We are expecting to collect some of the programmes in the next couple of weeks and they will be available for purchase. You can order one now by sending a cheque payable to SHOWBUS for 2 or enclose 2 in postage stamps. Please send your orders to Showbus, 6 Fair Ridge, HIGH WYCOMBE HP11 1PL
Full list of winners at EFE SHOWBUS International last weekend.
First photos from last weekend's event.
New gallery for The King's Ferry.
Updated photos for Orpington Buses and Ealing Buses.

Before SHOWBUS on 28th September
We expect to update the entry list daily from Sunday 21st until the Thursday before the event.
21st September
Son of the Neoplan founder and former CEO, Konrad Auwerter agrees to present EFE SHOWBUS international prizes and brings extra prizes from the Speyer Museum in Germany.
New gallery for Tisza Volan RT of Hungary.
Update pages for Ipswich Buses photos - see their gold DAF/East Lancs and ex CIE Atlantean at SHOWBUS.
EFE October releases
EFE's new casting - the Olympian - on sale at EFE SHOWBUS international at a special low price.
Details of the disabled access shuttle provided by Lutonian at Duxford on Sunday next. EFE SHOWBUS international entries top 400.
BUSES on the Net October listings now on line.
14th September
EFE SHOWBUS International entries top 350, the same as last year, two week's before our record breaking Golden Jubilee event.
Confirmed details of the courtesy bus service between Whittlesford Station and SHOWBUS operated by Hedingham Omnibus.
List of stallholders at this year's SHOWBUS.
New gallery for Beijing Red & Cream City Buses.
Updated gallery for Gold Arrow, London and Waiheke Bus Co of New Zealand.
Check out recent updates to our noticeboard and private collection of EFE model buses for sale.
7th September
Optare enter the first Alero at Showbus together with Solo and Excel demonstrators amd a new NABI 30-LFN bound for Miami-Dade county, Florida.
Showbus entries top 300 which matches last year's record breaking year with 3 weeks still to go and another 100+ still expected.
Please note current confusion over train times to Whittlesford.
New gallery for United Welsh.
Updated gallery for South Wales (First Cymru).
31st August
Wallace Arnold confirm their Ailsa doubledeck will be available as Rally Control once again.
New galleries for Voyager and complete Go-North East mini gallery.
Oxfordshire vehicles gallery updated completing our recent changes to Oxfordshire gallery pictures, but with still more to come later.
Duxford Tours provisional list for September 28th now available.
Plan of Rally Field now on line.
EFE releases for September.
26th August
Showbus entries top 250 which matches last year's record breaking year at this time in 2002.
Provisional rally numbers now allocated to all entrants, so far.
New galleries for Marshall refurbished Routemasters and Golden Jubilee Routemasters with final makeover of our RM gallery.
Updated photos in our Charlton Services gallery.
EFE releases for July & August 2003.
The 2003 SHOWBUS model is the Southdown Leyland Titan TD1 new casting.
20th August
New gallery for Go Northern
Updated photo gallery pages for Worths Motor Services.
12th August
Rally entries top 200.
Pictures of EFE's first Australian model.
New gallery for Thames Travel, Wallingford.
Updates for London RM, Green Line RMC, London RML and Open top Routemasters galleries.
20th July
KMB are planning top enter a new Wright doubledeck Volvo in EFE SHOWBUS International.
Rally entries top 150.
New mini gallery for TMB Barcelona.
New gallery for Cheney Travel of Banbury.
Update to Oxford Park & Ride with Citaros.
Update to EFE Southern Vectis Fleet Focus.
Improved Midlands area timetable directory.
Buses on the Net latest weblinks.
Noticeboard update.
13th July
Bus & Coach Buyer announce sponsorhip of the 2003 EFE SHOWBUS International rally programme. This will be produced as an insert to the weekly journal and will be on sale as a package at the rally.
Motts Travel new mini gallery featuring new Plaxton coaches.
Updated London Buslines gallery, featuring the early DMSs on the 81.
Improved timetable directory for London and the Home Counties.
Latest news on EFE future releases.
6th July
Transbus International confirm sponsorship of EFE SHOWBUS International 2003. They will be proviing our exciting new style rally plaques for all entrants.
EFE May & June releases.
Check out the revised list of EFE models for sale.
New Low Fell Coaches gallery with updates for Wear Buses and OK Motors Services in our North East photo gallery.
New EFE Arriva fleet focus.
Improved timetable directory for North West England.
29th June
Showbus Stallholder entry forms now available, if you are on our mailing list these will be posted out over the next week or so. The download is large and will be replaced by a smaller version soon.
New mini gallery for Arriva London, with updates to Grey-Green, Leaside and Wrights Gemini galleries. Pictures feature the special day at Covent Garden Museum on June 14th with DW1, Grey Green 115 and the gold RT.
EFE releases for August 1995.
22nd June
EFE SHOWBUS International 2003 entries top 100.
Updated gallery for First Capital
New gallery for the Barcelona Blue Tram.
Improved timetable directory for South West England.
15th June
First confirm sponsorship for EFE SHOWBUS International 2003 securing the cash prizes for successful entrants.
New mini-gallery for Metroline, London
Update to Western SMT pictures.
Improved timetable directory for South West Scotland, North England & Lake District.
8th June
New gallery for "Bus Turistic" in Barcelona.
Updated Grey Green photos.
Improved Avon area page in our UK Timetable directory.
1st June
New gallery for Auckland's Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT).
Updated pictures of Arriva's Original London Sightseeing Tour.
Byeways and Cambridge Tours join the UK Coach Hire Directory.
Further improvements to our East Anglia timetable directory page.
25th May
EFE SHOWBUS International entries reach 40.
A makeover of our East Anglia timetable directory page.
Several updates to the website's Noticeboard.
New gallery for Arriva London coaching subsidiary, Leaside Travel
Photo gallery update for Ulsterbus.
18th May
BUSES ON THE NET weblinks for May.
Photos of Arriva London Wright Eclipse Gemini deckers.
Traditional Southdown gallery update.
EFE Southdown Fleet Focus update.
More rare EFE models for sale.
11th May
New gallery for Verdun, Rio de Janeiro.
Updated Colchester pages.
EFE releases update.
4th May
London Metrobuses mini gallery.
Our first Hungarian gallery featuring Sveged Trams from southern Hungary.
EFE April releases. Showbus entry list over 20 entries now listed.
April 27th
New gallery for Eastrans, Melbourne.
Updated photo gallery pages for Norfolk Green.
April 11th
BUSES ON THE NET weblinks for April.
The complete Thames Valley mini gallery featuring Thames Valley EFE models.
Updated photo gallery pages for Blue and Green Country and Green line RTs with a revised RT mini gallery featuring RTs on hire to Alder Valley in 1974.
April 6th
BUSES 2003 Rally Calendar.
Revised galleries for Reading Buses and Reading Corporation with new "mini gallery" index page.
New gallery for Nightingale Coaches of Slough and Maidenhead.
First 2003 entry listed, though we have received more entries at this stage, we do not expect to have systems in place to list them before May.
March 30th
Rich Text Format (RTF) versions of EFE SHOWBUS International 2003 entry forms and details now available.
New White Rose gallery
Update to City of Nottingham gallery.
March 23rd
Photos of Thames Valley Pre-War vehicles
Update to Southern Vectis gallery.
Announcing the Olympian Olympiad - a special prize and display at EFE SHOWBUS International to celebrate EFE's new model release.

March 16th
Bluebird of Cottingham and BST - Britain Special Tours join the UK Coach Hire Directory.
EFE Barton Fleet Focus update.
Update to photos of London Country area RFs.
New gallery for PACE, Chicago.
More of my collection of EFEs for sale including several now rare models.
March 9th
Reading Goldline update.
Pictures of Thames Valley's London express doubledeckers.
EFE March releases.
March 2nd
Amvale joins the UK Coach Hire Directory.
Initial details of EFE SHOWBUS International 2003 on September 28th.
News of EFE future releases.
New gallery for Braso Lisboa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - the start of a new international gallery and our first South American pictures.
London Central RF gallery update.
Lots of new notices on our free noticeboard.
February 24th
EFE February releases
BUSES on the NET for March.
New Newbury & District gallery.
An update to Newbury Buses pictures.
Entry forms available for EFE SHOWBUS International 2003 on line (please note that forms have yet to be printed for our annual mail out - these are not expected to be available until around Easter. On line stall holder forms are not available yet).
February 13th
New KMB cream deckers gallery.
Updated photos for Ribble and the EFE Ribble fleet focus.
February 7th
A new German gallery produced for us by Joerg 'Zindy' Zindler in Germany, his first set of pictures depicting new Wagon Union deckers.
County Bus & Coach picture update.
Some rare EFE models for sale from my personal collection, more to follow.
January 31st
New Red Rover RT and updates to The RTW and The RTL galleries.
Southend gallery update and EFE RT models update.
New looks to our major website subdivisions: The Showbus Rally, details of Bus Services and Coach Hire, services to The Bus Industry and our pages for the Enthusiast completing our site's recent makeover.
January 24th
Apologies to our regular viewers who have missed us whilst we have been off-line due to technical problems for the last few days. These problems have now been resolved and normal service is resumed.
New look to the EFE models front page.
New mini-gallery for Maidstone & District including new photo sets for Arriva Kent Thameside and Maidstone Corporation.
Update to EFE Fleet Focus on Maidstone & District and our photo gallery for Stagecoach London non low floor singledecks.
January 12th
New Open Top RT picture gallery
An update to our Santa Monica Big Blue Bus snaps with Darts in service and new NABIs.
January 5th
A new look to our Gallery and London Gallery index pages.
New 'Gold RT'gallery.
EFE DMS & EFE RF Model updates.
British Airways gallery update.

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